Greg Smallman & Sons Damon & Kym

Since 2018, Ingrid and Damon Smallman give lectures and demonstrations about:

  • history, construction and design of Smallman guitars.
  • Comparison of instruments to learn how to choose a guitar for musicality.
  • Q & A session as well as an opportunity to “meet the maker” at the end of the session.

Greg Smallman & Sons Damon & Kym are a family team working together building classical guitars for many world renowned classical guitarists. They produce guitars with a full warm sound (not percussive) and with good sustain. Greg started to build guitars nearly 50 years ago pioneering a new approach to classical guitar building.

Damon & Kym started making guitars in the early 90s learning from their father Greg. Together they have over 90 years combined experience in making lattice braced guitars.

Damon has a great passion for understanding how things work. Making guitars with Kym and Greg and constantly searching together for ways to improve the sound is extremely challenging and rewarding. He has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Newcastle in N.S.W Australia specialising in advanced materials and composites.

Kym enjoyed making things from a very early age. He began learning to build guitars with Greg at the age of 16. This has been a great path to continue his passion for building things.