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“My Guitar ” CD Album Ingrid Riollot



My Guitar is a solo album born out of my last year spent living in Esperance Western Australia.

Listeners will join me on a journey through new interpretations of six beautiful compositions by the great Australian born famous classical guitarist John Williams; Irish and Scottish folksongs arranged by Gary Ryan and David Russel and a Japanese Folk song composed by Yuquijiro Yocoh.

Complementing these newer works are; a baroque piece by J.S Bach; a very famous anonymous piece “Romance” known under several names: “Spanish Romance”, “Romance de Amor”, “Jeux Interdits” as known in France thanks to the movie of the same name. Finally a transcription of a French piece originally composed for the piano “Gnossienne” by Erik Satie.

These CD’s were physically manufactured and printed in Australia. The rest of the album was 100% recorded, mixed, mastered and produced here in Esperance Australia.

The CD cover is designed in Esperance using photos taken in Cape Legrand National Park as a means of sharing our beautiful paradise and the landscapes that surround and influence me daily. It is so different from France. Even the beautiful 2021 Greg Smallman and sons Damon and Kym guitar captured in the recording was made here in Esperance.


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